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... I am going to be there for his coronation.
Tags: ddd: !ic, ddd: lisa cuddy
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Is it a sin to be proud of my child's accomplishments?
Is it a sin to be proud of both of them?
Azula had so much potential. Still has so much potential. But I cannot be proud of her following in the footsteps of her father.
You have to have faith that she won't follow his mistakes.
She already has.
If you were right, I'd be dead by now.
As much as it pains me to say it, Azula has always had a capacity for cruelty that her brother didn't. What may have been innocent childishness in someone else had a malicious undertone in her-- something that her father was quick to exploit and cultivate.

How well do you really know her, Dr. Cuddy? How do you know for sure that-- despite what we all may hope-- it isn't too late for her?
It isn't too late for her, if she hasn't exploited the others or that nice young man for her own gains, it isn't too late.
Whose coronation?
Zuko's. My son's.
Oh! That's great, your son is becoming king?
Fire Lord. It's an equivalent title.