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Character info for dramadramaduck!

Notes for the psychics: Ursa doesn't really have any big, life-changing secrets. Probably the first thing that a psychic would notice is that her children-- especially Zuko-- are first and foremost in her mind. She thinks about other things, obviously, and she has other elements to her life, but they are by far the most important.
One thing that she is slightly secretive about is how Fire Lord Azulon-- Ozai's father-- died. It's never specifically stated in canon how it happened, but it's heavily implied that his death was not an accident, and that Ursa had something to do with it. In my headcanon, she poisoned him herself.
What's okay to mention: Any of this is fine for your psychic/god characters to know, but as for the whole "killed her father-in-law" thing, I'd prefer it if it was only mentioned under a lock. It's not a huge secret that would be destructive if it got out, but she doesn't want the whole comm to know.

Abilities: Ursa doesn't really have any fighting abilities-- she isn't a bender, nor is she skilled in weaponry/any martial arts disciplines. Her most notable abilities are probably typical "womanly skills", and things associated with growing up in a Fire Nation noble family.

Easiest way to get on her good side: Just be a nice person, really. Oh, and be a mother. She has a soft spot for fellow moms.
Easiest way to get on her bad side: Insult/threaten her children. She'll be a bit more lenient about Azula because she knows how she is (... and she just isn't as protective of her in general, really), but if you go on and on about how much you want to kill her? Bad side, you can haz it.

Favorite person: ... Zuko. :|
Favorite person met on the comm: It's a little early for that, I think, but she did really like Giselle.
Prefers: Ursa likes her men.

Shapeshift: Ask first!
Bodyswap: See above.
Slash: ... Prooooobably not, but it depends? We'll see how it goes. ;D
Maim/murder/death: Nothing permanent; ask first; all that jazz.
Kissing: If a character wants to go for it, they can try? Her reaction will depend on who it is. :P
Hugging: Awwww, sure.
Badtouch: See up two.

Threadhopping: Sure, I'm completely fine with it as long as you don't hop into a locked conversation or RL (unless your character would logically stumble upon the scene or you ask permission first).
Fourthwalling: I'm taking this on a case-by-case basis, so if you want your character to fourth-wall her, just ask! Given the nature of the game I'll probably say yes, though there might be a few things that I don't want her to find out about.
Backdating: I'll continue any old conversation/RL, no matter how long its been since the last comment (in other words, if you dropped a thread two months ago and now want to continue it, go ahead and I'll reply!). The same goes for replying to old entries- though obviously, I'll backdate any responses. The only exception to this would be if you replied to an entry from before your character was in the game. In that case I'd probably delete the comment because it wouldn't be following continuity. D:

HOW'S MY DRIVING?- Go for it.

This post also serves as a contact/plotting/spam/whatever post, so feel free to use it whenever you want.
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