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Through when your nights are lonely, through when your dreams are only blue

This is to mother you

Ursa | 尤尔萨
6 August
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This is an RP journal.

Ursa is a minor character from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the mother of Zuko and Azula. Ursa is first and foremost a very kind and gentle woman, though she is by no means weak-willed or docile to a fault. She is extremely fierce and protective where her children are concerned, and will literally do anything for them, up to and including murder. While she is naturally compassionate and empathetic with people in general, her kids will always come first, no matter what. Ursa had an extremely deep, loving relationship with Zuko. Due to Azula's troublemaking behavior as a child, however, she was quite critical of her daughter-- often with good reason, but perhaps overly so at times. It's likely that she was shocked (and possibly frightened) by the directions her daughter seemed to be moving in, and the ways in which she followed in her father's footsteps. Azula has stated in canon that her mother thought she was a monster, and while Ursa doesn't seem like someone who would say something like that to her young daughter's face, it is unlikely that Azula's assessment had no basis. However, if Ursa did love Zuko more, it's very likely that she would have at least some guilt and internal torment over those feelings.

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