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This would be the second time that Ursa would meet her son like this-- not that Zuko remembered the first.

Despite the many months that she'd spent on the community, and the despite the number of benefits that it brought her, Ursa very much disliked the way that it would bring people in (sometimes, she had learned, even from different versions of the same world) and then cast them away, leaving them without any memories of the place or the people they had met there. Zuko disappearing from the community that first time had been hard for her, as had losing access herself-- but both times, the worst part by far had been his reaction upon seeing her again, showing just how much he had yearned for her in the years she had been banished.

This second time was much like the first-- she stood at the entrance to the small, abandoned cottage that she had been living in this week, waiting for Zuko to show up with Kaito. The first time she had been nervous, and this time was certainly no different, but the apprehension was far outweighed by excitement, relief, and more than a little bit of concern.

If he had been lying about how much damage that "twin" had done to him, she really would have to scold him.
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