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Character info for paradisa!

Abilities: It's never indicated in canon that Ursa is a firebender-- therefore, while it's certainly possible that she is one, I'll be playing her as a nonbender.
Loss: The ability to touch her children.

Personality: Ursa is first and foremost a very kind and gentle woman, though she is by no means weak-willed or docile to a fault. She is extremely fierce and protective where her children are concerned, and will literally do anything for them, up to and including murder. While she is naturally compassionate and empathetic with people in general, her kids will always come first, no matter what.

Regarding her children-- Ursa had an extremely deep, loving relationship with Zuko. Due to Azula's troublemaking behavior as a child, however, she was quite critical of her daughter-- often with good reason, but perhaps overly so at times. It's likely that she was shocked (and possibly frightened) by the directions her daughter seemed to be moving in, and the ways in which she was clearly following in her father's footsteps. Azula has stated in canon that her mother thought she was a monster, and while Ursa doesn't seem like someone who would say something like that to her young daughter's face, it is unlikely that Azula's assessment had no basis. Based on her scenes in canon (particularly her last, when she goes to Zuko's room before leaving to say goodbye to him), Ursa seems to favor Zuko at least somewhat. It's possible that the differences in her treatment of her children was only a reaction to the differences in their behavior, but it is still very easy to come to the conclusion that Zuko was the clear favorite. However, if Ursa did love Zuko more, it's very likely that she would have at least some guilt and internal torment over those feelings.

Slash: Case-by-case basis; however, she did get married to a guy (thought it was arranged) so she's unlikely to be exclusively gay.
Maim/murder/death: Case-by-case basis on all three.
Kissing: OOCly it's fine; her reaction will depend on who it is. :P
Hugging: Awwww, yes! XD
Badtouch: Consentually? Go for it. Otherwise, ask me first (her IC reaction won't be that great, though!)

Threadhopping: Sure, I'm completely fine with it as long as you don't hop into a filtered conversation or log/commentlog (unless your character would logically stumble upon the scene or you ask permission first).
Backdating: I'll continue any old conversation/log/commentlog, no matter how long its been since the last comment (in other words, if you dropped a thread two months ago and now want to continue it, go ahead and I'll reply!). The same goes for replying to old entries- though obviously, I'll backdate any responses. The only exception to this would be if you replied to an entry from before your character was in the game.

HOW'S MY DRIVING?- Do iiiiiiit.

This post also serves as a contact/plotting/spam/whatever post, so feel free to use it whenever you want.
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